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EBC Pro-lite Discs:

prolite rotor

The EBC Pro-Lite discs are a cost effective way to replace your OEM rotors and still gain performance. They have the complete "Hub and Rotor" for direct bolt-on floating or semi-floating replacement and are assembled with sturdy rivets, instead of circlip systems. The disc rings made from roll forged billet steel, offering 18% more stopping power than stainless steel while maintaining the strength of steel for better braking and NO RISK of cracking as with cast iron rotors.

The Pro-Lite discs are lightweight and are forged with an alloy center hub that uses a special high strength ductile mill rolled aluminum alloy, colored either silver or gold to match bike cosmetics. Pro-Lite discs resist distortion longer PLUS the unique "Birdswing" drill pattern prevents ridges developing on the rotor. These are available for most front and a few rear applications with prices that vary from $190-230 per rotor. Please contact us for a quote.

The Rear EBC disc also includes the unique 'Birdswing' drill pattern to prevent ridges and is made of a tough HPSR steel. The finish is Silver Zinc to prevent corrosion. Pictured here is a typical bolt-on, non-floating disc available for most rear applications.


EBC Pro-lite Contour Discs:

EBC front floating contour disc
EBC rear contour disc

Now Available: The new Pro-lite Contour series of fully floating front discs includes a radical new rotor ring with a contoured profile to reduce weight, improve brake effect, and provide modern looks that are becoming increasingly fashionable on modern day sport bikes. They are available for all popular street bikes and are a universal left and right fitment for all machines. Add the letter "C" to part number for CONTOUR rotors when requesting a part number.

EBC SuperSport or RoadRace Discs:

EBC Front LD&RD discs

These Sport Bike disc rotors are another option of the Pro-lite series with Front discs available in color combination of red and blue at the same price as EBC's regular Pro-lite models. They are offered as the lightest weight of the EBC units available for track-ready sport bikes. The outer diameter cooling groove is designed to further reduce weight and improve cooling. Features include lightweight alloy drive buttons and fully rebuildable with spare hardware. Change the letters "LS & RS" to "LD & RD".

 EBC Supermoto Oversize Disc Conversions See also our webpage called 'Special Applications' for complete Supermotard Kits (rotors, lines, master cylinders, etc)

EBC supermotodiscfr
EBC front supermotard rotor

EBC Round SM Rotor & EBC Contour SM Rotor

EBC offers their 320mm oversize Supermoto disc constructed with forged alloy center hub for weight reduction and tough billet steel 4mm thickness brake rotor for maximum stopping power. The rotor rings include OD cooling groove and extra weight reducing scraper holes and are riveted together with a nine button sturdy rivet system. The rotor kit COMES COMPLETE WITH ANODIZED ALLOY RELOCATION BRACKETS for most popular models of MX/Enduro bike and are supplied as a kit with the complete rotor unit and anodized bracket. The brake hose may need to be replaced with a longer version.

Please contact us for prices. Prices vary and special orders require a deposit & are subject to restock fee.

EBC mdx Front MX brake discEBC Heavy Duty Heat treated MX & ATV Replacement Brake Discs -  Also includes the unique 'Birdswing' drill pattern to prevent ridges and is made of a tough HPSR steel. The finish is Silver Zinc to prevent corrosion. Priced around $94-105. MDX Sport Replacement Front MX Brake Discs Front or rear fitments made of heat treated carbon steel with lightweight construction and a radical profile in Gold zinc anodized color.

EBC Oversize MX Front Floating Disc Conversions

  • Optimum 280 oversize
  • Improves stopping power and feel
  • floating design prevents rotor distortion

If you need more brakes on a moto-x, enduro or “tout terrain” motorcycle and are ONLY using your machine off-road EBC oversize disc kits are a great choice. These are complete hub and rotor fully floating units built from heat treated carbon steel and zinc plated to avoid corrosion. Each kit comes complete with a billet alloy relocation bracket designed to relocate the original caliper to the larger disc size. Available for all modern moto-x and enduro bikes.

Prices vary and special orders require a deposit & are subject to restock fee.

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