Rotor Comparison

Galfer Wave Rotors vs. the competition

Galfer Round Rotors – Galfer uses the same high quality materials and double-disc grinding techniques on these disc rotors, however, have discontinued them for the new, better-performing Wave design.  Several application part numbers are still available and at great clearance prices.

Galfer Tsunami Rotor – Galfer approaches this new design in light of their Sport Bike & GP racing needs.  More information will be available as they make the new press releases on these race-only units.

OEM – Galfer is less expensive, better performing, designed for a lot more ‘abuse’ & higher temperatures, and more ‘trick’ looking.  Round shape of OEM is currently the standard, however, some new 04 sport-bikes have started to make a slight shape deviation. OEM rotors are currently mostly composed of low-carbon steel, which does not provide as much friction as high-carbon steel and is more likely to warp & wear.

EBC ‘Pro-Lite Contour’ Rotors– This new design offered by EBC is in a wavy shape but we have not had any customer feedback on this product. Applications are not available for most models yet. Please e-mail if interested in a quote. They are only listed for some street and off-road applications.  You can read more on their website.

EBC Pro-Lites & Turbo Round Rotors – Used by many AMA National racers, these are readily available Round Rotors for lots of applications including older bikes.  They are made of low-carbon steel, which does not provide as much friction as a high-carbon steel rotor composition and are usually the best priced rotor on the market.

Braking – Wave Rotors (in Europe called: Margarita in at least one European magazine) – Galfer and Braking both offer similar benefits in composition & arrived on the market around the same time.  However, Galfer holds the US Patent on the Wave Rotors…

Brembo Round Rotors – like the Galfer brand, these are high-performance, quality rotors made of high-carbon steel.  They only come in round style and for limited front floating applications sport-bikes (center carriers are anodized Gold).  Brembo USA focuses more on their caliper, master cylinder & OEM business and are offered at a higher price point than other round units. Email us for a quote.


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